Niki Delikanaki

Niki Delikanaki is the State Counselor of the 19th Region of Preschool Education of Ministry of Education in Heraklion. Graduate of Athen’s School of Preschool Education, Graduate of Aristotelion University of Thessaloniki School of Preschool Education, PhD in Sciences of Education, University of Ioannina. During her thesis she constructed and standardized a psychometric tool for the assessment of children 4-6 years old in Logicomathematical Thinking (2008). She has served as Assistant Manager in PEK of Heraklion (Retraining Board for Teachers) and has participated in European Programs in France, England and Czech Republic. She has presented many announcements in congresses and has published educational books and scientific articles. She has received in 2011 “Award for Excellence & Innovation in Education” from the Ministry of Education. She speaks French, English and German.

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