Maria Badieritaki

Maria Badieritaki has graduated from: a) the Faculty of Kindergarten Teachers in Chania, b) the Teachers’ Training College in Iraklion, Crete, c) the two-year Teachers’ Training Program of Marasleio Teachers’ School and d) the Department of Kindergarten Teachers of the Education Science Faculty of University of Ioannina (UOI). She holds a PhD from the Department of Preschool Education of the School of Education (UOI). She had been working as a teacher in public preschool education at the prefecture of Rethymnon, Iraklion and Chania from 1987 to 2012 and as a teaching assistant (with detachment) at Preschool Education at School of Education at University of Crete from 1994 to 1996. She has organized educational seminars and demonstrations as the President of Branch of Universal Union of Pre-school Education (BUUPSE). She has taught at Regional Training Center (RTC) of Iraklion as a trainer, but also at the Institute of Vocational Grounding (IVG). She has taken part in international congresses and meetings as an adviser and has published scientific papers in journals. She has been serving as a School Adviser for the 69th Region of Preschool Education at Rethymno, since January of 2012.
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